Monday, July 5, 2010

3gp Seks Bogel by Kaki Seks

3gp Seks Bogel by Kaki Seks

But what is interesting is that there are some many Malaysians that are interested in watching 3gp Seks Bogel or 'aksi kaki seks' of other Malaysian. Truly there must be a fundamental reason for this? Is it because illegal or taboo activities such as 3gp Seks Melayu draws interest? Maybe so, the only thing I can relate it to is that 'if you tell a teenager don't' make out with you girlfriend (ringan-ringan by kaki seks) then surely he will do it and furthermore he/ they may even do it in public places to experience the thrill. Well I don't know what that 'aksi seks with thrill'. I have always thought that being kaki seks with a loved one should be done in privacy and not in some random places.

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