Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gadis Bertudung Bogel Dalam Tandas

Gadis Bertudung Bogel Dalam Tandas

In the recent 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey, Malaysians overwhelmingly picked the toilet as the preferred place for shagging outside a bedroom. In view of this prevalent practice, presents the definitive guide to toilet bonking...

Looking at the conditions of the public toilet nowadays, I doubt that the survey is accurate at all. Who would want to bonk in a smelly dirty toilet. Or if you have a sudden urge, by the time you find a clean one your urge could have gone or you would have done it in the car. I think Durex had been had. better find a more hygienic spot to let go the urge to *ahem. Doing in a public toilet? Just imagine how much germs and bacteria will be clinging on their *ahem after the *ahem session.

Gadis Bertudung Bogel Dalam Tandas:

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• Unisex toilets: Beach Club, Passion, Loft, Thai Club, Liquid KL
• Spacious toilets: Imbi Food Court, KL, Press Club of KL.
• Lonely toilets: Shell Station, Batu 13 Ulu Langat.
• Artistic toilets: Pudu Complex (excellent erotic graffiti on doors).

Not recommended:
• Rajooz Curry House PJ - Stack of dirty dishes inside.
• The Mall KL - The doors are about 3 or 4 feet high.
• Boutique Toilet KLCC - Will people who won't pay for a room pay RM 4 for a toilet?
• LRT Stations - Gadget mounted to prevent squatting over bowl hinders smooth sex.
• Zouk KL - Bouncers get upset.
• Toilets for the handicapped - Peter Tan gets really upset.


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